Can't get enough of Vito's BBQ. It's perfectly seasoned, juicy & moist. Unbelievably delicious!

Pepper Teehankee (Tried and Trusted! Best food take out of the year. Article from ANC/ABS-CBN)

Sixty Nine Million K-Stars!! FOOD-EYE APPROVED!

Big-Boy Cheng of Secret Fresh Gallery

Vito's Chicken BBQ sticks are juicy with crowd-pleasing savory-sweet flavor.


Always excited matikman ang favorite BBQ ko.

May May Entrata

Super Yummy Food!!!

Sharon Cuneta

I super love bbq chicken and this hit the spot!!!

Bubbles Paraiso

Best chicken BBQ with Java Rice that was wiped out in 5 mins. Sooooo GOOD!!

Ruffa Gutierrez

VITO'S BBQ (Our Family Secret)

Our BBQ has been a food staple in all our occasions. We named it after our son Vito because our BBQ represents family. We hope to share Vito’s BBQ with other Filipino families to enjoy and also be a part of both their big and small celebrations.